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1. Factory Compliance Management Services (FCMS)

Why Factory Compliance Management Services In a business environment where social issues are increasing, there is a chance to gain a competitive edge and attract new markets, new customers. The adherence of labour legislations has become pre-determined and prime necessary to come into the role of business partners at all level. Improved compliance will increase ability to tender for new orders.

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In a business environment where social issues are increasing, there is a chance to gain a competitive edge and attract new markets, new customers. The adherence of labour legislations has become pre-determined and prime necessary to come into the role of business partners at all level. Improved compliance will increase ability to tender for new orders.

The subject matter of compliance for a new factory or an existing factory involves enormous efforts, effective monitoring system in place and credibility. An effective Labour compliance in a factory will ensure congenial environment, corporate image, corporate governance and revenue roll out for the Principal owner.
Adherence and maintenance of statutory orders becomes mandatory and the consequences of non-compliance /negligence amounts to financial loss and credibility in the business market.


LCMS, offers Factory Compliance Management Services with the expertise in Labour Laws for a new factory and an existing factory.

2. Audit Services

Service Highlights

* Audit records pertaining to Labour Laws
* Understand the current compliance status
* Assess risk exposure in the form of criticality analysis
* Formulation of HR policies inline with labour law
* Consultation & opinion on business models of varied services

Consultation for handling any specific cases like:

* Receipt of notices
* Internal Disciplinary proceedings
* Policy formulation

Consultation on all labour legislations:

* Business startups to Mergers & acquisitions
* Closure or transfers.

Value Proposition to Clients

* Access to a pool of readily usable information/amendments in labour laws
* To review compliance with tons of laws and regulations.
* To conduct due diligence for mergers and acquisitions

3. Establishment Compliance Management Services

Service Highlights

The professional service offered encompasses:

* Readymade Process and Systematic Approach to handle multi-location HR compliances across India
*Registration/Renewal/amendment under Shops & Establishment Act
* Registration/amendment under Contract Labour Act
* Registration/amendment under Professional tax
* Appearing on behalf of client before various inspections
* Liaison with Labour, ESI,EPF and PT authorities
* Continuous monitoring of vendor compliances
* Maintenance of Statutory Records and Registers’
* Timely submission of annual/half-early/quarterly returns under various Labour Acts
* Information about Labour legislations amendments/notifications/minimum wages across the country
* Legal Opinion on Labour Legislation
* Free subscription of LCMS Bulletin on fortnightly basis
* Accident Coordination
* Standing Order Certification
* Support services in Court related matters

Value Proposition to Clients

*One point Solution to manage national spread
* Improve focus on core business
* Hassle free Liaison with the peripheral stake holders
* Minimized external irritants
* Stay Compliant at all times
* Cost saving on manpower & administrative overheads
* To maintain or enhance the organization's reputation in a community.

4. Contract Labour Regulation Services

The Need:

It is needless to emphasize that it is the duty of the principal employer to secure full compliance in respect of the employees engaged by (or) through contractors / sub-contractors / outsourcing agencies/service providers. This has been upheld in various Apex Court and High Court judgments.

Labour legislations fix responsibility with the Principal Employer for:

* Registration & licence under Contract Labour Act
* Payment of minimum wages to contract labourers
* Maintaining records, registers, forms & notices - Various Acts
* Remittance of ESI, EPF & LWF contributions for contract labourers

Possible consequences if the above are not complied with:

* Absorption of the contract labourers
* Arrears of contribution with interest
* Fine and/or imprisonment

One Stop solution:

LCMS has pioneered the regulation of blue - collared labour force employment in corporate. Outsourcing has become the order of the day. OEMs in the manufacturing industry are increasingly outsourcing their activities that involve the components on the higher end of the supply chain. Companies invariably find that some activities are incidental or menial but labour intensive and do have a bearing on the company in a holistic sense. Such labour intensive activities are often outsourced.

Service Highlights

* Time office will be managed by LCMS
* Registration Certificate(RC) will be obtained( including applicable contractors)
* Licence will be taken for each applicable Contractor
* LCMS maintains registers, records and returns contractor wise
* Ensures minimum wages payment through effective process
* EPF and ESI contribution through Principal Employer's sub code/ Contractor's code
* Liaison with Factory, EPF and ESI authorities
* Coordination of benefits under EPF, ESI, LWF & WC for CL.
* Accident coordination support

Value Proposition to Clients

* Hassle free environment in engaging contract workforce
* Eliminates the need to deal with number of contractors for contract workmen compliance
* Access to a pool of information on nation wide differences in CL engagement
* Expertise on Labour legislation for consultation on contract labour issues

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5. Payroll Compliance Services (PCS)

Safe guard your company from financial liability arising out of compliance lapse with regard to the statutory benefits entitled for the employees.
Why Payroll Compliance services
Employee Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance Corporation and Employee Professional Tax forms part of the Payroll Compliance services. The ultimate responsibility of the management is to ensure the interest of both the employee and the company.
Apart from the other legislations, PCS calls for cumbersome, voluminous activity with the understanding of the legislations, accuracy and continuity. Interaction with the authorities in all regions becomes essential to ensure compliance. As the above legislations form part of the employee benefits, the adherence to this becomes mandatory and the consequences of non-compliance /negligence amounts to Financial and IR issues.


LCMS, with the expertise in Labour Laws offers Payroll Compliance Services as a separate module.
LCMS takes care of all the aspects including Registration, processing of data, coordinating with the various government departments / authorities, Maintaining the registers, records and filing returns along with due payments and consulting. We also facilitate the client to obtain the necessary exemptions for un-interrupted and hassle-free operations. We will appraise the client of any changes in the legislations for appropriate and timely actions to ensure complete compliance.

LCMS advantage for the Client

* One stop solution to manage nation-wide differences in labour legislations
* Expertise in Labour Laws
* Non core activity outsourced to a Corporate Partner
* Overheads by way of manpower and travel reduced
* Exceptional rapport with government officials
* Voluminous activity take care of by LCMS
* Complete statutory compliance

LCMS Strength

National presence, legal expertise and exceptional rapport with law enforcing authorities are the cutting edge competencies of LCMS.
Our commitment in investing to customize our services to our clients and our process driven professional approach in our operations ensures client satisfaction.
LCMS is a knowledge hungry partner with continuous learning as a core value. This, along with our mission to partner our clients' visions, prompts us to extend value added services like: amendments of any licenses, exemptions that facilitate hassle free business operations, legal consulting services.
LCMS is a one stop solution for clients to manage their geographical coverage in India, as law abiding players in the business world, be it their motherland or foreign ground.

6. Payroll Services

The corporate world has begun to realize that to remain competitive, calls for focusing on their core competencies / business.
Payroll is one such painful process that can be outsourced to LCMS- your trusted partner. We take a proactive and professional approach to deliver solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.
LCMS exults in being a process driven and knowledge hungry partner that will ensure that outsourcing decision is a delightful one, even when the Pay Roll is as sensitive and complex as the number of people in a company. We are committed to leveraging our expertise in labor legislation to ensure compliance from the payroll angle. We believe every client deserves exceptional, customized service and are committed to exceeding expectations with every client interaction. Service Highlights -

* Customized payroll processing
* Exclusive CRM support
* Highly flexible payroll system
* Salary disbursement support
* MIS – Routine, Statutory & Management aid
* Statutory compliance support
* Continuous updation & improvement
* Labour laws expertise

Value Proposition to Clients:

* A Trusting Corporate partner-utmost confidentiality ensured
* Compliances expertise
* Technology integration with best of security features
* Error free and timely processing
* Cost saving for technology up-gradation at the client-end
* Cost reduction as many of the administrative tasks are taken care of by LCMS
* Real-time reports at anytime, anywhere


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